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Sorry Guys! We are no longer making macarons for sale.

Our family moved to Japan with the Navy in May 2021. We are posting a bit about our journey and my baking adventures on my Instagram and Facebook page if you want to follow along!

“The macarons, though only a few grams, agitate our senses. The eyes have already devoured them.
Fingers skim their surface, the flavors are gently smelled. When their fine crunchy shell is crushed,
the ears are excited by the sound.
Then the mouth experiences a delicate grace...” 

- Pierre Hermé -

Chelsea and Carl at the kitchen early in 2019

Baking Obsession


Starting in Virginia Beach in January 2016, Chelsea became obsessed with learning to make macarons, to get the crisp shell, soft chewy insides, cute feet and all the delicious and extravagant flavors of filling. Her favorite are anything coffee and chocolate as well as rose white chocolate ganache (and more get added to the list every day). 

In March 2019, Rose Macarons grew into a "real" business in Rhode Island and started taking on macaron subscriptions (macs mailed to your door); balancing them with custom orders; teaching macaron classes and raising the cutest little guy (he's 3 now)! Chelsea spent a year taking courses at Johnson and Wales University to compliment her self-taught start.


Shutting down the macaron making portion of our business in March 2021, we moved to Japan with the Navy (active duty husband) in May 2021. We can not thank our customers, family and friends enough for all their love and support as our business changes shape. 



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Gently reminder, we are no longer offering macarons as we have moved to Japan. Sorry, but thank you for understanding!

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