Macs of the Month

1 Month of Macarons. Can be ordered throughout the month, until the last Tuesday of the Month. 

$30 for 12 macarons (includes shipping). At this time, we cannot enroll you into an automatic subscription payment (month-to-month), but we will announce to our email list the flavors for each month and order requests will be accepted after that. 

Approximately a week before the 1st of the next month pre-orders will be open for the Macarons of the Month.

All macarons are packed with care, an ice pack and a thermal bubble mailer inside a shipping box. The ice pack may not be cool upon arrival, and that's okay! It helps keep the macarons at an even temperature in transit. 


Macarons should be consumed between 5-7 days after receiving, or you can pop them in the freezer to enjoy for up to a month. Prior to consumption, please allow 10 to 30 minutes for the macarons to come to room temperature, then enjoy!


Macarons of the Month 1 month subscriptions are not able to be refunded, payment is due in full at the time of order.