Soap Challenge Club: Geode Crystal Soap

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

This January I decided to join in the fun of the Soap Challenge Club again! I’ve always loved collecting rocks of all sorts (yes, I was/am that kid with rocks from all over the place ”choosing” a special one from nature or sometimes buying an extra pretty one at the store) so I had to try this technique!

Using melt and pour to make geodes I chose to do an ombré blue and glitter! I used 70% rubbing alcohol between the layers. This was also my first time in my new mold set (bought off Amazon and linked here).

After it hardened I was able to unmold it and start to carve my geodes. I actually used tips from when I made a type of Japanese rock candy (following the Sugar Geek Show’s recipe) - maybe I’ll post that process someday!? I’m obsessed with the geodes! I carved more than half the loaf.

My cold process soap came together with canola oil, olive oil, caster oil, and coconut oil - colored a portion with black carbon dioxide and left the rest natural I definitely over used my stick blender in this batch but the thick batter was sort of a blessing since I needed to finish and put Carl to bed 😂

I wanted a dark outer edge to mimic the rough unassuming rock exterior of geodes

With some of the black on my spatula I mixed the rest of the batter around and layered in on a slant into the mold. Moving some of the mass out to carve a “rounded” cavity for the geodes to set in.

Placing the geodes was very fun! I did use some melted melt and pour scraps to fill in the spaces and help adhere the melt and pour to the cold process loaf. I probably should have used more rubbing alcohol here! Oh and I definitely added more glitter! (So fun!)

I rushed the unmold letting it cure 12 hours and then stuck it outside for 2 hrs to “freeze”(it’s 27 F outside today!) because the deadline to submit to the challenge is 2PM CST - Thanks for letting me be last minute!

If you want to get into soap making or expand your creative side I definitely recommend Soap Challenge Club. Everyone is so supportive and I just love what I made this month even with my thick hiccups. My son says it looks like ice crystal gems, which I just love! Great way to embrace this winter ❄️

Now back to my regularly scheduled tasks of making macarons especially with Valentine’s coming up! 💕

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