Our Macaron Scribes - standard length all have one macaron food grade silicone bead paired with an animal print bead. They are such a beautiful and functional worktop companion when baking or decorating your macarons or royal icing cookies. I even use my scribe to poke holes to release steam in pate choux, or check for doneness in some baked goods like cakes and cupcakes!


The scribe is 4.25 inches long and is designed so that your pointer finger can rest on the silicone beads. 


To order, choose between the two animal print designs: Hexagon Leopard or Circle Cow/Dalmation. To also get a Long Leaf scribe, go to the Long Leaf listing add choose your preferred combination for a bundle discount.


Shipping is Free and available all over the US. If you are at an APO/FPO - you're good, too! Even though our system doesn't acknowledge part of your address - just send us a message with the correct address or use PayPal that's connected to the correct shipping address at check out (you will have to choose a random state in our shipping block to get past that step). 


All shipping for scribes is handled from Florida as of May 2021. (Thanks mom!)


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! 





Macaron Scribe - standard length